Construction FAQ

There is no such thing as a job that is too big or too small. Ultimately, as the customer, you must be satisfied with every aspect of your construction or renovation, from the initial plans to the finished job. Below are several questions we are asked often. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, please contact us directly and we will address your issues personally.

Q.1 Do you charge for estimates?
In most cases, no. First, give us a call to start with an over-the-phone conference to determine the requirements for the project. Schedule a time to meet at the site so we can discuss the details of the project. We will take measurements and prepare a written estimate.
Q.2 How many estimates should I get?

The majority of people would say get at least three estimates from contractors. This works well if you have no personal experience with the contractors you have selected. However, if a contractor is recommended by a friend and you have seen their work, one estimate may be all that is required.

Ask around about our us. You will find we are the right choice for your job, whatever the size.

Q.3 Why do prices vary on different estimates?
There are many different factors to take into consideration when pricing estimates. First make sure that the estimates have the same scope of work. The amount of service provided by the contractor has a big effect on the cost. If the contractor handles every detail of the project, the price will probably be higher. Quality of work is another factor of the cost.

If you have any questions about our work, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with references.

Q.4 How about warranties?
Your contractor should provide a guarantee for all work done. If they won't, you are best to look elsewhere. We guarantee all of our work.
Q.5 What should I be asking my contractor?
A few key questions to ask could be: “How long have you been in business?”, “Have you ever done a project like this one, if so tell me about it?”, “Do you have insurance?”, “Who does the work; you, your employees, or is the project completely done by sub-contractors?” With years of experience under our belts, General Contractor Inc is happy to provide all of these answers, and provide references if need be.
Q.6 How about deposits?
Generally for service jobs like painting, deposits are not required. However, on some projects where a lot of materials are needed, contractors may ask for a deposit to ensure that the materials are available and delivered on time so that you, as the customer, are not inconvenienced by delays in the work schedule.
Q.7 What is a change order?
A change order is a written statement signed by the customer authorizing the contractor to do additional work not included in the original contract. The change order should be signed before the additional work is started, but often it is not in order to keep the project moving. The amount specified is due when the project is completed. A change order also may be written when a contractor comes across any unforeseen damage or problem.

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BW Mitchell is a qualified and experienced company that provides full capability residential and commercial general contractor services in the Portage, MI area. From simple jobs to complex restorations, BW Mitchell delivers the individual attention needed for any project.

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We are experienced, skilled trades people who can handle a variety of construction projects. If you're unsure how to shingle a roof, put up new walls, deal with electrical or plumbing issues, lay floors, etc., then we're here to help you!

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